The Millbrook Swim Team is a competitive swimming program for local children through high school.  The program is designed to promote both sportsmanship and healthy competition while encouraging swimmers to have fun at the same time.

Every swimmer is encouraged to develop his/her ability to its maximum potential.  (A Child must be able to swim 25 yards without an aid to joint the team.)

General Information

The Millbrook Swim Team (MST) follows the rules established by the ESSL (Empire State Swimming League). The league presently has 14 teams. Alignment of these teams into divisions is determined annually. The league schedules a minimum of 5-6 dual meets for each team during the season. The league usually establishes this schedule by mid-October.

Poughkeepsie Middle School        
 Mon & Wed 7:00-8:15PM, Fri 8:00-9:00

Bard College
To be announced monthly - check the calendar

Swimmers should be dressed and ready to enter pool 10 minutes before start of practice. Showers are available at both pools.

Swimmers must follow lane coaches’ directions and MUST NOT leave the pool area without permission. Good behavior is expected AT ALL TIMES.

Officers Name Phone
President June Markle 677-9620
Treasurer Anita Mozdiez 266-5614
Board Member Bernie Burke  
League Rep. Maryanne Herzog  
Coach Mike Bubel  
Coach Becky Scribner  
Coach Amery & Eileen Bernhardt  
Coach Ken Ritter  

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